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About Us…

The Beauty Boxx (formerly International Beauty & Supply) is dedicated to researching and representing the best quality products that supporting the professional salon industry. We want the product lines that we represent to have the same dedication to our industry that we have always had. In a world gone corporate we are proud to remain family owned and Colorado proud.  We are honored to partner with privately owned brands who strive to support the professional salon industry, instead of focusing on the retail market like so many of the conglomerates do.  We seek to represent brands who continue to push the science and the look of professional hair care.  We strive to help you stand out in an industry blanketed with corporately owned brands that support the retail market (which has become the biggest competition for the salon business).

Our vision for The Beauty Boxx is to open multiple locations that will make your shopping experience not only more convenient, but pleasurable as well. Upon entering our store you will notice that we do not look like a typical beauty supply store.  We want our locations to feel like you're walking into a beautiful, high end salon with trained staff to help answer any of your questions.  We are proud to announce that our first location in Broomfield is now open so come on in and check us out!


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